CompassLearning Connections   |   Issue 9   |   December 2010

CompassLearning Connections

CompassLearning and Renzulli Learning: The Future of Differentiation

In early December, CompassLearning announced its purchase of Renzulli Learning. In light of more than 75 years of combined experience in education, including differentiation techniques with proven results, the joining of these two education innovators means a promising future for students.


Techniques in the Digital Classroom, Where Learning Can Be a Game

In Manhattan, one school is making whole-group instruction a game for fifth-graders, enabled by student-response systems and CompassLearning Odyssey. This boisterous, engaging class experience is delighting both students and educators.


George's Corner: Digital Tools for Digital Learners

Learn more about digital curricula from CompassLearning Chief Architect for Social Studies George Rislov. A contributor to legislation that allows Texas schools to purchase digital textbooks with state textbook funds, Mr. Rislov discusses the benefits of blended learning, for teachers and students alike.


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FETC (Education & Technology Conference)
Jan. 31–Feb. 3, 2011
Orlando, FL

National Title I Conference
Jan. 31–Feb. 3, 2011
Tampa, FL

TASA (Texas Association of School Administrators)
Jan. 30– Feb. 2, 2011
Austin, TX

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